• An aerosol product. Designed for the rapid decontamination of inaccessible surfaces, to reduce cross infection in high risk environments. Does not contain inflammable gases.
  • Fine Metal Comb

    Dimpled plastic handled comb with fine metal teeth. Heat sealed in plastic.

  • Odour Control 

    ENVOfresh Odour Eliminator/Re- Odouriser is based on a powerful blend of essential oils and bactericides. The antibacterial elements work on the micro-organisms responsible for causing unpleasant smells whilst the essential oils impart a pleasing fragrance to the environment.
  • Low Powder 

    Premium low powdered, non-sterile, ambidextrous examination gloves made from natural latex for a close fit and excellent feel. Beaded cuff for added strength (reduces likelihood of tearing while donning).
  • A Specifically designed slow release Magnesium Hydroxide tablet 

    Magnesium deficiency occurs in the elderly, in patients who are given Diuretics for long periods of time, in alcoholics, in cirrhotic patients and in patients with Crohn’s disease, it might also be associated with a number of potentially harmful effects on the cardiovascular system. Mablet is purposely designed to address magnesium deficiency in these indications.
  • MediHEX-4 is a high quality, pleasantly perfumed, surgical scrub designed for high level disinfection of hands. It has been especially formulated as a thick, pink, easy foaming liquid to kill germs on hands. The formulation is mild and enriched with moisturisers and skin conditioners that leave the skin feeling clean and smooth.
  • Standard hospital specification hand rub MediHEX-5 foaming hand rub is a broad spectrum skin cleanser for the washing and disinfection of hands prior to specialised clinical procedures and for use where water and drying facilities are unavailable.
  • Latex Free – Powder Free

    Non-sterile, ambidextrous gloves made from 100% nitrile rubber that is 5 times stronger than latex and does not contain the latex proteins. Non slip textured finish for greater grip and beaded cuff for added strength (less likely to tear when donning).
  • Available as:
    • 100ml RTU spray
    • 500ml RTU spray
    • 1 Litre RTU Refill
    • 2 Litre RTU Refill
    • 20 Litre RTU Refill
    • Wipes 100’s
    • Wipes 200’s
    • 250ml concentrate
    • 1 Litre concentrate
    • 2 Litre concentrate
    • 5 Litre concentrate
    • 20 Litre concentrate