A Specifically designed slow release Magnesium Hydroxide tablet 

Magnesium deficiency occurs in the elderly, in patients who are given Diuretics for long periods of time, in alcoholics, in cirrhotic patients and in patients with Crohn’s disease, it might also be associated with a number of potentially harmful effects on the cardiovascular system.

Mablet is purposely designed to address magnesium deficiency in these indications.

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Product Description

Active Constituents: 

Mablet contains 600mg of Magnesium Hydroxide with specially coated tablet to allow for a slow release.

Dosage and Administration: 

Consume 1 tablet daily or as recommended by a doctor.


Mablet is available in a container of 60 tablets.


Keep in a cool dry place. Store in the original pack. Keep the container tightly closed.


Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Not to be used when pregnant or by children under 10 years unless advised by a doctor.

Keep out of reach of children